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Silver Rounds, .999 Pure

Silver rounds are a popular form of silver bullion for investors who are looking for a low premium alternative to many of the government-minted coin products like American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs. A silver round is a privately minted product and looks just like a coin. However, since rounds have no face value denomination or legal tender value like government-issue coins, they are generally called "rounds" or "medallions" instead of "coins" to eliminate any confusion.

One can purchase more silver for their money with silver rounds, as they are offered at significantly lower premiums than their government-minted equivalents.

Independent Living Bullion has several different silver rounds for sale at low prices. Our most popular is the striking "Don't Tread on Me / Boston Tea Party" silver round. Meanwhile, for those looking for a more traditional design, the Walking Liberty round – modeled after widely popular Walking Liberty Half Dollar coin from the early 1900s – is another option for customers looking for low premium silver rounds.

Anyone who might buy silver rounds will get one-troy ounce of .999 pure silver, and each round is clearly marked with its weight and purity. Independent Living Bullion is an outstanding and trustworthy source for silver rounds at some of the very best prices available.